Modern type foundry,
with modern view.
"Type Task Force" is a very innovative and progressive type foundry.
All of our typefaces was created with influence of design world trends and maximum usability.
We try hard to make our products be as creative as neutral, so they can fit in most possible situations.
With a unique design, we make them simple in use, so even people with less knowledge of design can rely on their appearance. We also refused common way of selling fonts. No more thousands of license types and difficult terms of use - our regular license can fit in almost all of user's ambitions.
Fonts we produce will become iconic detail in your design.
We are the best providers of display typefaces on internet. We believe that font you're using, is a one of the most important tools in your design. That's why we aim our products to be simple and useful.
Regular license
Regular license is a common license for all of our products, and it comes with purchase on "Creative Market" platform.
This license allows you to use rasterized image of font you purchased in any kind of media or end-product with unlimited amount of times. By purchasing typeface, you are accepting terms of use such as not using concrete font file, edit, duplicate or re-sell it.
Extended license
In case your creative idea requires using concrete font file(websites, apps, etc) you can contact us via our contact form with a "Extended license" mark and add some details. Extended license for each font has a standardized price of 100$.
How to buy a font
We sell all our products on "Creative Market" platform.
When you click on your preferred font, you'll be redirected to its "Creative Market" page, where you can continue purchase.
We strongly recommend you to register account, so you will be able to download any new updated version of any font for free.
How to test a font
If you want to test font before purchasing, you can find test field below description, on font's "Creative Market" page. You will be able to write in any sentence or word you want and decide, if our typeface fits your idea.
Bug report
One of the main goals for us is to stay useful for our customers.
If you will find any glitch or bug in purchased product, please inform us via our contact form.
You will be able to download updated version for free, from account you purchased it.
Data we collect
By clicking on "send" button in our contact form, user accepts that we will collect his provided information(such as name, email and message text).
We undertake not to transmit any of user's provided data to third-party programms.
How do we use data
We use user's provided data only with a response purposes.
We undertake not to store or transmit user's data to third-party programs.
Purchasing data
We sell all of our products only on "Creative Market" platform.
Buying our fonts in different places are dangerous and might be a fraud.
We do not collect or use any of your purchasing information.
All kinds of this technical activities provided by "Creative Market".